I am currently employed as a postdoctoral researcher to; a) EMME-CARE and CLIMCOMP projects. One is an Academy of Finland funded research-practice project and another EU funded project, both based at INAR (Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research) at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

My role in both projects is to participate in project coordination and to conduct my own postdoc research and coauthor other sub-research projects.

I also act as a member of a coordinator team of the Climate University network and have some teaching responsibilities at selected CU courses.

Researcher of Sustainability Science:

Thinker of the philosophy of sustainability, societal transformations, complex systems and the overpowering vacuum of the mainstream in a global society/economy.

Doer of design as problem solving and actions as manifestations of ideologies.

An activist of social sustainability, such as didactics of critical thinking, societal integration, and economic equality.

Selected publications:

Salovaara Janne J. (2022) “Sustainability Alumni at Work—Interviews on Educated Sustainability Professionalism” in Sustainability (MDPI) (Open Access)

Salovaara, J. J., & Hagolani-Albov, S. (2022) “Inescapable Path Dependency and Unbreakable Barriers: The Overpowering Presence of Capitalism in Sustainability Transformation” in Tvergastein Journal (Open Access)

Salovaara Janne J. & Soini Katriina (2021) “Educated professionals of sustainability and the dimensions of practices” in The International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education (Open Access)

Salovaara Janne J., et al. (2021) “Perceptions of interconnected sustainability: Students’ narratives bridging transition and education” in Journal of Cleaner Production (Open Access)

Salovaara Janne J., et al. (2020) “Sustainability science in education: analysis of master’s programmes’ curricula” in Sustainability Science (Open Access)

PhD of Sustainability Science, Bio and Environmental Sciences, HELSUS affiliated, currently employed by the Institute of Atmospheric and Earthsystem Research, University of Helsinki.

My PhD thesis, titled “From topics of interest to a professional field of Sustainablers: Sustainability education for Change-Making” can be found here. This research was funded by Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation.

Degrees in:

PhD in Sustainability Science @ University of Helsinki, 2023

ISSP Sustainability Associate (International Society of Sustainability Professionals Accreditation), 2015

M.A. in Creative Sustainability @ Aalto University, 2015

B.A. in Design @ Lahti Institute of Design, 2010


Email: firstname.lastname@helsinki.fi

In the works:

  • Trying to craft the logic in approaching the barriers of the societal sustainability transformation through Gidden’s structuration theory
  • Looking into the qualitative turn on sustainability education and professionalism through Aristotle’s theory of phronesis
  • Doing my first postdoc as part of EMME-CARE and CLIMCOMP -projects
  • Taking part in the SSD local organising committee (see more, here)
  • Brewing deep thoughts of Critical Sustainability (see more, here)
  • Outside academia: just published my second children’s book on sustainability here (and the first one, here)